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A Bridge to Cars

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Smartphone OS Tentacles Recently, there have been major pushes by the makers of smartphone OSes (most notably Google and Apple) into extending their software’s connectivity to other devices. The most commonly cited example is wearables, such as the oft-cited though still vaporware iWatch and the underwhelming Galaxy Gear. Slightly less well known, though no less […]

Visual Studio Toolbox: Multi Device Hybrid Apps

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In this episode, I am joined by Ryan Salva, who shows us the recently released CTP 2.0 of the Extension for Multi-Device Hybrid App Development. With this extension, you can use Visual Studio and Apache Cordova™ to easily build hybrid apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone using a single project based on HTML and JavaScript. Ryan demos the basics of building, debugging and deploying multi-device hybrid apps.

Community Day, Kolkata - August 2014

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Kolkata Geeks proudly announces “Community Day, Kolkata – August 2014”. It’s an initiative taken by global MVP communities. Like other cities, we are also organizing the event in Kolkata, but In-Person. So, if you are in or near Kolkata, don’t forget to join us. In this post, I am just sharing the agenda, venue and the event details. Join us on the event day to know more about Windows Phone app development.   AgendaWe have limited time and limited space to showcase you more. So, we came up with a brief agenda to deliver two sessions on
Read: All posts related to Windows Phone 8.1 (" href="" target="_blank">Windows Phone 8.1 capabilities to the developers and those sessions are:Integration with Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 (Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP) Building Windows Phone 8.1 with Motion data APIs (Kunal Chowdhury, Microsoft MVP) Hope to have a lots of fun with you in this event with those great two APIs for Windows Phone 8.1. Don’t miss this. We have very limited seats. Confirm your availability here: Time and VenueThe event is going to happen this Sunday, 24th August 2014 at Microsoft Kolkata office. We are going to start...(Read whole news on source site)

Our own Daily WTF

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If you're a developer, you've probably heard of the website the DailyWTF. If you haven't, head on over to and read. And laugh. I'll wait. Read it? Good. If you're a bit like me probably you've been wondering how on earth some people ever get hired as a software engineer. Most of the stories there seem to weird to be true: no developer would write software like that right? And then you run into a little nugget of code one of your co-workers wrote. And then you realize: "Hey, it happens everywhere!" Look at this piece of art I found
in our codebase recently: public static decimal ToDecimal(this string input) {     System.Globalization.CultureInfo cultureInfo = System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InstalledUICulture;     var numberFormatInfo = (System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo)cultureInfo.NumberFormat.Clone();     int dotIndex = input.IndexOf(".");     int commaIndex = input.IndexOf(",");     if (dotIndex > commaIndex)         numberFormatInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator = ".";     else if (commaIndex > dotIndex)         numberFormatInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator = ",";     decimal result;     if (decimal.TryParse(input, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Float, numberFormatInfo, out result))         return result;     else         throw new Exception(string.Format("Invalid input for decimal parsing: {0}. Decimal separator: {1}.", input, numberFormatInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator)); }  Me and a collegue have been looking long and hard at this and what we concluded was the following: Apparently, we don't trust our users to be able to correctly set the culture in Windows. Users aren't able to determine if they should tell Windows to use a decimal point or a comma to display numbers. So what we've done here is make sure that whatever the user enters, we'll translate that into whatever the user WANTS to enter instead of what he actually did. So if you set your locale to US, since you're a US citizen, but...(Read whole news on source site)

Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO

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I have been working with a customer in London this week that is using TFS 2010 for work item tracking and Perforce for source control. Here is how I got on migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO. The post Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

Oculus Rift (on a budget …)

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Anyone who knows me knows of my interest in all things 3d (stereoscopy) and won’t be at all surprised by my interest in the Oculus Rift. (DK2). However, as most of my stereoscopic viewing equipment looks like this, and not having a particular interest in ‘gaming’ I found that I was lacking in the hardware […]