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The Morning Brew #1814

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Software TypeScript <3 Angular – Somasegar discusses the work from the last couple of months with the Microsoft TypeScript Team working with Google’s Angular team on Angular 2, which will be built in TypeScript Angular 2: Built on TypeScript – Jonathan Turner shares the TypeScript Team’s perspective on this combined work with the Angular Team […]

Clearing The Decks

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Clutter. It comes in lots of shapes and sizes, and it can be both physical and virtual. One place I often find myself building up clutter is in Visual Studio. It's easy sometimes, when you get in a groove, to work away at various parts of an app, making modifications here and there, checking up on a couple of other files, and before you know it you've got 10 or 15 tabs open. While newer versions of Visual Studio do a fairly good job handling tabs, once you get past a certain point, it becomes harder to find
what you're looking for, as illustrated in the picture above. To combat this, I'm trying to get in the habit of closing everything when I move from one feature or bug I'm working on to the next. Visual Studio makes this easy, just right-click any tab and select the Close All Documents command: And if there's one document you're still working on, you can use the Close All But This command instead. Maybe this seems obvious, but for those of us who tend towards digital clutter, clearing the decks can be a nice way to create the mental...(Read whole news on source site)

Richmond .NET Meeting Tonight Cancelled - Will Be Rescheduled

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Some bad news for folks planning to come see my talk, "Zero to Web in One Meeting: Building ASP.NET apps from Scratch". Unfortunately, due to the snow currently pummeling our area, I'm not going to be able to make the drive down to Richmond, so we decided to reschedule the talk for later in the year, likely June or July. I will post an update to my blog and social media accounts once the rescheduled date has been finalized. Apologies for the inconvenience…looking forward to seeing you all when we get the talk rescheduled! Do you need a speaker for
your user group or conference? Drop me a note and I'll be happy to discuss topics and timelines....(Read whole news on source site)

dotNetConf 2015

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The .NET Conf is a free, 2 day virtual event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft (with great speakers such as Scott Hanselman…). You will be able to attend via live streaming on March 18th & 19th.Go to the official web site for details and registration:

Angular 2 built with TypeScript

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TypeScript <3 Angular!This has been announced today at the ng-conf in Salt Lake City! “We’re excited to announce that we have converged the TypeScript and AtScript languages, and that Angular 2, the next version of the popular JavaScript library for building web sites and web apps, will be developed with TypeScript.”It is good to see this kind of cooperation and collaboration between Microsoft and Google. The overall JS community will benefit from it.
If you are in Montreal and want to hear more on modern web development with Microsoft tools, come to the free Web Camp on April 18th!
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PowerShell : A deep dive into remoting - part 4

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essentially bring up an interactive PowerShell prompt on a remote computer, where you can enter the commands that are executed on the remote computer. The second option is called one-to-many remoting and it is especially suited for situations when you may want to run the same commands or scripts in parallel to several remote computers.

minor-latin;">To start a one-to-one remoting session, you can use the Enter-PSSession

PowerShell : A deep dive into remoting - part 3

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implementation for WSMan which exposes the WS-Management configuration settings with a directory structure. The settings are grouped as containers for each group of settings.
use the
115%; mso-bidi-font-family: "Courier New"; mso-style-textfill-fill-alpha: 100.0%; mso-style-textfill-fill-color: #953735; mso-style-textfill-fill-themecolor: accent2; mso-themecolor: accent2; mso-themeshade: 191;">Get-ChildItem wsman:\localhost\clientcmdlet and you can find all the properties for the client
This information can be used to configure various aspects of the WS-Management client. The configuration information is stored in the registry. For e.g. from the above screenshot...(Read whole news on source site)