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RavenDB Sharding - Adding a new shard to an existing cluster, splitting the shard

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In my previous post, we have increased the capacity of the cluster by moving all new work to the new set of servers. In this post, I want to deal with a slightly harder problem, how to handle it when it isn’t new data that is causing the issue, but existing data. So we can’t just throw a new server, but need to actually move data between nodes. We started with the following configuration: var shards = new Dictionary { {"Shared", new DocumentStore {Url ="http://rvn1:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Shared"}}, {"EU", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn2:8080", DefaultDatabase
= "Europe"}}, {"NA", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn3:8080", DefaultDatabase = "NorthAmerica"}}, }; And what we want is to add another server for EU and NA. Our new topology would be: var shards = new Dictionary { {"Shared", new DocumentStore {Url ="http://rvn1:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Shared"}}, {"EU1", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn2:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Europe1"}}, {"NA1", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn3:8080", DefaultDatabase = "NorthAmerica1"}}, {"EU2", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn4:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Europe2"}}, {"NA2", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn5:8080", DefaultDatabase = "NorthAmerica2"}}, }; There are a couple of things...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1866

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Links Only today as I’m time constrained. Thankfully this weekend is a long weekend with Monday being a Public Holiday here in the UK, so once again there will be no Morning Brew on Monday, returning as usual on Tuesday 26th May. Information When everything you know is wrong, part two – Eric Lippert A […]

Angular Select List Value not binding with Static Values

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Last week I upgraded an existing Angular application from 1.3 to 1.4rc. For the most part this migration was smooth, but I ran into one subtle change that bit me and took a while to track down. Angular 1.4 changes the behavior of
proper result value. To make this clearer lets look at an example. In the Westwind.Globalization Localization form I have a simple form where I can select the type of resource that I’m localizing for. I have 3 fixed values in that dropdown as you can see in this screenshot: In the application, the dropdown list is bound to the model via view.activeResource.ValueType which is a numeric value. In Angular 1.3 I was simply able to bind these static values using ng-model like this:

More than one order matters

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Originally posted on: matters. In real life when you’re in a library or a city or in your kitchen. And in software development. Order, the right order, helps understanding. Where there is order orientation is easier. Compare a city like Mannheim, Germany: …to Algier’s traditional quarters, the Casbah: Where, do you think, it would be easier for you to find the house of a friend? Order is helpful, even important. But often order is hard to create and/or to maintain. Why’s that? What’s order anyway? Order’s definition If you look at
href="">Wikipedia it seems order is quite an elusive thing. There is no single page just defining the order I’m talking about and you very likely have in your mind. Yes, order is about “an arrangement of items”. But it’s more than a “sequence”. The Free Dictionary defines it as: “A condition of logical or comprehensible arrangement among the separate elements of a group.” or “A condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement among component parts such that proper functioning or appearance is achieved.” That clears it up, doesn’t it? :-) No, not really, I guess. So let’s dissect...(Read whole news on source site)