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RavenDB 3.5 Whirlwind tour: I need to be free to explore my data

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This feature is primarily about giving operations / developers the ability to just say: "I don't care about performance, I don't care about cost, I need to find something out, and I wanna do this qucikly". For those case, you can use Data Exploration: This allows you to write Linq statements that are processed on the server with full access to the entire data set. Note that this has the option of running for a very long time, so we also provide a way to limit the cost based on time and the number of documents to process.
And, of course, because those kind of tasks are almost always generated at the behest of a business analyst, we can get the results as an Excel file, and dump the data in someone's else lap to deal with it....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2087

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Software Welcoming WiX Toolset to the .NET Foundation – Martin Woodward Caliburn.Micro 3.0.1 released – Caliburn.Micro Team Information Tooling to Facilitate Framework Migrations – Mike Rousos Using Mocks or Stubs, Revisited – Jeremy D Miller A Manager’s Guide to Legacy Code – Erik Dietrich Simple incoming OP parser for Nats in C# & Using the […]

Solution for Folder Pane (navpane) disappearing on #Outlook 2016

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If you are using Outlook 2016 or any prior version of it and facing issue related to the first pane/left pane/folder pane/navigation panel/navpane, which is frequently disappearing after outlook restart, this post will help you to resolve it.   Just follow the simple steps mentioned here in this post and let us know, if this solves the problem that you are looking for.     Recently one of my friend was facing an issue which was causing his system to automatically hide the left side navigation panel aka.
folder pane. First we tried to resolve it by the command button available within Outlook 2016, but that didn’t help us.   Later we discovered a way to reset the view of Outlook from the command prompt, which worked fine for us. I am sharing the steps here as a bookmark and if you are also facing the same issue, it might help you to resolve it quickly without wasting more time.   Solution One: In this first solution, open the Windows “Run” dialog by pressing the “Win + R”. If you are using

SQL SERVER – Optimizing Tabular Models for Self-Service Reporting: Summarize By – Notes from the Field #123

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[Note from Pinal]: This is a new episode of Notes from the Field series. I personally have no problem accepting that I do not know many topics. One of the such topic is Tabular Models. I always wanted to learn more and I finally got the opportunity to learn more. In this episode of the Notes from the Field series I asked SQL Expert Bill Anton a very crucial question - How can we optimize Tabular Models for self service reporting with the help of Summarize By ? Bill was very kind to answer the questions and provides plenty of information

Windows 10, UWP, RealSense SR300, Faces and the Surface Pro 3

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The last 2 posts were really a bit of a catalogue of failures around; Not getting the RealSense SR300 preview support for the UWP working. Not getting the RealSense SR300 support for person tracking working. But I kept persevering and I’ve made some progress at least around step 1 above and the main piece of … Continue reading Windows 10, UWP, RealSense SR300, Faces and the Surface Pro 3 →

The future of dev in SharePoint (and Office 365)

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SharePoint, WCF and Azure Trainings: more information
Yesterday, Microsoft ran a virtual event titled, “The Future of SharePoint”. Did you get the memo? The interwebs have been flooded with blogposts about those, so I’m a bit late to the party expressing my opinions on this topic. Late to the party, but here I am (after some gestation). 1.    I am glad to see SharePoint back. A 3.2b$ business, Microsoft has made the right choice by not letting it...(Read whole news on source site)

I Have a New Voice

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I am happy to announce I have joined Amazon and will be evangelizing to developers around the world regarding Alexa – the voice behind devices such as Echo, Dot, and Tap.  It is hard to imagine a future that doesn’t allow people to freely engage with things in their environment by naturally talking.  As such, I am thrilled to be at the dawn of this new voice-interactive era, and look forward to sharing how developers can get involved! While I will be evangelizing all things Alexa, my primary focus will
be in the Smart Home capabilities Alexa has to offer. Imagine the possibilities of walking in a room and saying: Alexa, dim the lights Alexa, lower the temperature The above is possible now.  What else?  Have a voice-interactive idea you wish would come true in your home?  Want to see it become a reality?  Tweet me at @palermo4 and use the #AskAlexa tag to start the conversation!...(Read whole news on source site)