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Discovery Intelligence: Part 3 – Key Goals

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Discovery Intelligence: Part 3 – Key Goals

The following key goals can help identify and drive implementation of apps and EBSCOadmin settings to keep EDS optimized.

Engagement and frequent visitation: Direct users to EDS for research or resource access and encourage regular use of the service.Find information: While users are in EDS ensure they can find what they are looking for easily and with minimal effort.Increase resource usage: Once users have found the
information or relevant search results, make it convenient for them to
access full text
or cite the resource leading to increased resource
usage....(Read whole news on source site)

The Rise of the Full Stack JavaScript Developer by @dortzur

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JavaScript is everywhere. In the old days, being a JavaScript developer meant that you were a front end web developer. Forever bound to the browser. Those days are gone. The rise of Node.js ushered in a new era. An era where being a JavaScript developer doesn’t necessarily mean a front-end web developer. Read more about...

NodeJS 6.0.0 Release. We tested it

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With the recent release of NodeJS 6.0, we decided to take a nosey and see how it performs compared to older versions of Node. As before, we’ve followed the same pattern – Ubuntu VM running AB pushing a large number of requests (100 concurrent connections) into the Raygun API to see how many requests per...