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The Microsoft Band and me–three weeks later

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Why? How? I will be honest – I wasn’t really thinking the whole thing about wearables is more than a bit overhyped marketing stuff and that I personally would not get much use of it. Sure, you had all these devices that could track your running but I am not a really sporty person nor do I feel the need to tell the whole world where I was while I go running. Which is easy enough, because I don’t. So when I woke op on October 30th with the news the Microsoft Band had launched out of the
blue, I was surprised but not really enticed by what I deemed to be ‘yet another fitness device’. Boy, was I wrong. My gadget addicted former colleague Jarno Peshier - who had read up on the specs - contacted me that morning, writing “I want one. You will be in the USA soon (for the MVP Summit). Let’s order two, you take them home, and split the next day delivery costs”. I was like, “what the heck, it’s not that expensive and if I don’t like it I can probably sell it off easily as they are...(Read whole news on source site)

APress Deal of the Day 22/Nov/2014 - Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration

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Originally posted on:'s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration. “Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration starts with what’s new, leads you through deployment, presents configuration and management best practices, and ends with real world troubleshooting tips.”

WinForms Data Grid: breaking change with Conditional Formatting (v14.2)

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A week or so ago, Don published a blog post about our new Microsoft Excel-inspired conditional formatting feature for the WinForms data grid, XtraGrid, that’s coming in v14.2. (Again, the release is only a few weeks away, the beta is out if you are an active DXperience or Universal customer, get it now and try it out, etc.) It turns out that there is a subtle breaking change with this new feature. However, it’s very easily worked
around. First, a bit of history. With v14.1 or earlier, we had what we called “Format Style Conditions”, a feature that allows you to apply different formats to the data in your grid according to some pre-defined criteria. We did not provide any ability for run-time customization, you got what you programmed. Fast-forward to now and for v14.2 we’ve ported some work we’d been doing on the WPF Grid to the WinForms Grid. For this release we have improved the speed of the condition-matching code and also have provided full run-time customization for end-users. Crucially we have also provided...(Read whole news on source site)

3 Options to Launch Windows Store App from Visual Studio

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When you develop a Windows Store App , you would want to deploy it in order to test it . There are 3 different options for the developer to launch Windows Store App from Visual Studio. These include Local Machine Remote Machine Simulator 3 Options to Launch Windows Store App from Visual Studio Local Machine [...]...(Read whole news on source site)

Entity Framework Pitfalls – Registering Custom Database Functions for LINQ

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Like I said in my previous post, it’s not enough to add a DbFunctionAttribute attribute to a method to have it call a database function. If the function is not a built-in one, it will not be registered in the Entity Framework provider manifest for SQL Server, so it will require registration in the model. You might think, just by looking at the methods in SqlFunctions that all that it took was to add this attribute, but you would be wrong.

Random Link Roundup–11/20/2014

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What time is it?  It’s time for Friday’s link roundup!  So the biggest news (and the reason for this week’s image!) is that Rob Eisenberg has left the Angular 2.0 team.  Rob is a heck of a developer, creating such awesome frameworks as Caliburn and Durandal.  Losing him is a Big Deal.  It’s not Doom and Gloom time yet, but I kinda feel like that’s where we’re headed… Rob Reynolds of Chocolatey had a successful Kickstarter this week.  He also wrote about how the passion of a few
people and their tools saved Windows. Underlined links in web browsers are ugly.  Or at least, they were.  Smarter Link Underlines gives you some simple(ish) CSS that will beautify your links. Material-UI is a library and CSS framework for building “Material Design” compatible apps.  The CSS could be used anywhere, but the components themselves are for ReactCSS Dig is an interesting tool that could help you spot both duplication and inconsistencies across your CSS. The stock Android emulator is notoriously slow.  The Visual Studio Emulator for Android, however,...(Read whole news on source site)

Mobile Essentials: Productivity Tools for Mobile Developers

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A bunch of mobile development and tooling enthusiasts here at the office wanted to put out some tools, templates and general productivity enhancements for mobile developers, so we decided to set up a custom Visual Studio gallery that you can set up to get these tools in an integrated fashion in the Extensions and Updates dialog (a.k.a. Extension Manager). These will generally be projects we work on the side, on weekends and nights and hackathons. The goal of these extensions is to be completely independent of your other tools in VS (like your Xamarin installation) so that you can try them
without risking breaking your stable development environment. If something doesn’t quite work, you just remove the extension and you’re done. Pristine environment back! At Xamarin, we may use this gallery also for early prototypes or spikes we do on top of the Xamarin Platform, so that we can gather early feedback without disrupting your stable installation and without requiring you to switch between official channels. Whatever we put out will be for use “at your own risk” so to speak. As I said, it could become a way for us to also share bits earlier and get timely feedback for...(Read whole news on source site)