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RX Issue: scheduler within Merge over GroupBy

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Be aware of RX issue when you use scheduler within Merge over GroupBy The following code snippets work well when no scheduler is used: Code Snippet var source = Observable.Return(1)                         .Concat(Observable.Never());   var xs = from item in source             group item by item % 3 == 0 into g             from x in Observable.Merge(                 g.FirstOrDefaultAsync(),                 g.LastOrDefaultAsync()) […]

Power BI vs. Tableau (Part 1)

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As I mentioned in my blog “Why Business Like Yours Choose Power BI Over SiSense”, expect attack from other vendors to intensify as they find themselves fighting an increasingly uphill battle against Power BI. As we’ve seen, Power BI has indeed disrupted their sales cycles. In this blog, I’m reviewing the “10 Ways Power BI Falls […]

SQL SERVER 2016 – Scroll Bar Enhancement in Management Studio (SSMS 2016)

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While I am getting ready to play with SQL Server 2016, I am finding fresh look and feel for SQL Server Management Studio. I heard that its uses latest version of visual studio shell. There are many enhancements which I am seeing in SSMS 2016 and today I would talk about Scroll Bar settings. I am sure you are going to miss some of them considering all these are hidden mostly in some options deep within. Be assured for many more blogs on these topics in future too. The post SQL SERVER 2016 – Scroll Bar Enhancement in
Management Studio (SSMS 2016) appeared first on Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave....(Read whole news on source site)