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TPL Dataflow Starvation Fixed

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TPL Dataflow Starvation Fixed Great news for all TPL Dataflow developers. The old  bug (more than a year since I reported it) was finally fixed at version 4.5.24. now it is safe to use fallback scenario with TPL Dataflow. for example: if you’re having 2 face recognition algorithm: * excellent but slow * fine and […]

BaseServer: Abstract class for timer based jobs

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In one of my systems I’m using background process that hosts jobs that import and update some data and communicate with external services. These jobs are running after some interval or on specific moments. I generalized the common base part of these jobs so I can handle them as one in different background processes like Azure worker roles and Windows services. This blog post introduces my work and shows real-life implentation of jobs base. The post BaseServer: Abstract class for timer based jobs appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

Encrypted JavaScript in ASP.NET MVC Core

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To complete the Data URI saga, here is another technique that you may find interesting: this time, it’s about encrypting JavaScript contents, so as to make them more difficult to tamper with. Data URIs can be used for serving any content that would normally come from an external resource, such as a JavaScript/CSS file or … Continue reading Encrypted JavaScript in ASP.NET MVC Core

GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder's FitBit - Scott Hanselman

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GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder's FitBit - Scott Hanselman

Here's what I think about charts like this, and I'm interested in your opinion.

GitHub's activity chart shows public repos, not private activity. I
have a lot of small projects I work on during the week in private or
local repos. and sometimes I don't make them public due to (slight)
embarrassment at my works in progress. It's not always healthy to measure yourself against others, particularly if it makes you feel bad or is somewhat unhealthy.
Jobs vary. Being a manager does take you away from coding sometimes. If
it bothers you, set a reasonable goal and work towards it, but do it
for a good reason. (See how Reason and Reasonable factor in greatly
there?) ...(Read whole news on source site)

Ginktage – Community Blog Posts – February 10 , 2016

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Windows 10 Step by Step Tutorial – Copy and Paste Functionality by Senthil Kumar Built-in method to validate email address in C# – C# 7 Feature Proposal: Slicing by Bill Wagner How To Stop Worrying About ASP.NET Startup Conventions by K. Scott Allen Project Oxford”–Speaker Verification from a Windows 10/UWP App by Mike Taulty...
2013 Community Launch at BDotnet , BangaloreSQL Server 2016 Community Launch with SQLTalks and SQL Bangalore UG
...(Read whole news on source site)

Cloud Adoption Survey

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Are you thinking about the cloud yet? Redgate is conducting some research into cloud adoption to better understand both the drivers and the blockers. Whether or not you’ve taken the plunge yet, they would love to hear from you. Participate in the survey and be entered into a draw to win an Amazon gift card worth $100.