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O’Reilly Deal of the Day 28/Oct/2014 - 21st Century C, 2nd Edition

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Originally posted on:’s half-price E-book deal from O’Reilly at is 21st Century C, 2nd Edition. “Throw out your old ideas about C and get to know a programming language that’s substantially outgrown its origins. With this revised edition of 21st Century C, you’ll discover up-to-date techniques missing from other C tutorials, whether you’re new to the language or just getting reacquainted.”

Visual Studio Online is in Europe!

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Today we opened up our shiny, new VS Online instance in the Azure “West Europe” region, which is located in the Netherlands.  This is a big step and is the first of many more to come in making VS Online a truly global service.  I’ve been getting requests for over a year to provide the ability to host data in different regions – for some it’s about the comfort of having their data on “home soil”.  For others it’s about reduced latency to access the service.  Whatever your reason, Europe is now an option for you. You can get
started today by going to and creating a new account.  The account creation page will auto detect the data center that’s nearest to you or you can click the “change options” link to override the choice. As I’ve done here… It’s that easy and now you have an account in Europe!  You can also choose your region using the VS Online account creation flows in the Azure portal or the Azure preview portal. Let’s dig into some of the nitty gritty questions that you are likely to...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,189 – MeasureOverride Input and Output

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The MeasureOverride method in FrameworkElement takes as input a Size and then returns a Size.  These parameters are intended to be used as follows: Input Size – during layout, this is how much room is available for the element to be rendered Output Size – this is how much room the element says that it needs For example, below we have a custom […]

Opening day at TechEd Europe in Barcelona

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Just a quick post since the Exhibit Hall will be opening to attendees in a few minutes, but we’re here in Barcelona for the 2014 TechEd Europe. As you can see from the picture the exhibit hall seems very grand and open. A small contingent and compact booth for us this year: Attending we have Rachel Hawley, Amanda Christensen, Don Wibier (shown here setting up), Oliver Sturm, Seth Juarez (our official interpreter), and me. So, if you are here in Barcelona, you can get answers on pretty much everything we do and
provide. We’d love to see you and talk with you about your software development challenges and how we can help....(Read whole news on source site)

Modeling exercise: The grocery store’s checkout model process approach

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I posted about the grocery store checkout process exercise before. Now I want to see if I can do a short outline on how I would handle this. The key aspect from my perspective is that we need to separate the notion of the data we have and the processing of the data. That means that we are going to have the following model: public class ShoppingCart { public List Products {get;set;} public List Discounts { get;set; } } public class ProductInShoppingCart { public string ProductId; public Discount Discount; } Note that we explicitly do not have
a quantity field here. If we purchase 6 bottles of milk, that would appear three times in the cart. Why is that? Let us assume that we have a sale for 2 bottles of milk for 20% discount or a 3 +1 bottles of milk offer. Consider the kind of code you would have to write in the offer code: Find all products that have this offer and have 4 items without discount. Add the discount to those products. After searching for products without discount, need to search for products with a discount, but that we can apply this to and get a better...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1724

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Software Announcing a simplified browser-based authoring and configuration experience for Load Testing – Charles Sterling shares a look at the web based experience for developing, and configuring load tests on the cloud based load service Regular Expression Support in ReSharper 9 – Dmitri Nesteruk and the ReSharper Team show off new functionality in ReSharper 9 […]

APress Deal of the Day 28/Oct/2014 - Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C#

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C#. One of the authors is Adam Freeman and I therefore recommend this book to all Dot Net developers. “ASP.NET 4.5 is the principal standard for creating dynamic web pages on the Windows platform. Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C# raises the bar for high-quality, practical advice on learning and deploying Microsoft's dynamic web solution.”