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Going Big: 40 Glorious inches of 4k with the Philips BDM4065UC

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For software developers lots of screen real estate is important – it seems like there's never enough. Trying to see code, and multiple browser windows, debuggers and command windows all at once or at least in a way that you can find all these windows quickly is difficult if you don't have a ton of screen real estate lest you get into multi-finger acrobatics. Yeah, we've all done that. For the longest time I've fallen behind in my expansion of screen real estate – I've been stuck with a couple of  27" 1080p monitors (plus the laptop screen) for a
looong time. I missed the WQHD/WQXGA era because it seemed like too little too late, when 4k was on the horizon. However it seems like it's taken a long time for 4k monitors to actually catch on and even longer for some decent sized 4k displays to become available. A couple of weeks ago when I got back to Maui and my office (after 6 months on the mainland), I finally decided to jump in and buy a 4k monitor. But not just any monitor either but a freaking behemoth of a monitor that is the 40" Phillips...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1974

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Information .NET CLR Explained – Paul Mooney shares a look down into the depths of the .NET CLR, exploring what it does and the services it provides HOWTO: Check JIT Inlining – Alexandr Nikitin looks at how you can use Event Tracing for Windows events emitted by the .NET Just In Time Compiler to understand […]

Paste code from Visual Studio 2015 to Windows Live Writer

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Now it is close to the end of 2015, but Windows Live Writer 2012 is still the best Windows blogging tool. For years I use a Windows Live Writer plugin called VSPaste for code snippets. With VSPaste, any code in any language can be copied from Visual Studio, and paste into Windows Live Writer with 100% accurate syntax highlighting. However, VSPaste has a problem with Visual Studio 2015 RTM (not with RC) – the pasted HTML code always has a white background: code. To quickly fix this, the easiest way is to decompile the
source code of VSPaste. VSPaste is a small dll located in Windows Live Writer’s plugin directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins\VSPaste.dll. It can be decompiled to a project with source code, by .NET reflector free trial version: Reflector will ask for reference assembly, just point it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\WindowsLive.Writer.Api.dll. Then it decompiles VSPaste.dll to a complete C# project. Now open the VSPaste.csproj, and search for string “background”. Here it is:private void SyncColors(bool bgOnly) { int? nullable; int? nullable2; if ((this.background != this.nextBackground) ||...(Read whole news on source site)

SQL Server Heaps, and Their Fragmentation

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In SQL Server, heaps are rightly treated with suspicion. Although there are rare cases where they perform well, they are likely to be the cause of poor performance. If a table is likely to have a large number of changes, then it can become fragmented due to way that space is allocated and forward pointers used. How does one detect this problem? Is it significant? How does one deal with it, if necessary? Neeraj Tripathi explains.

How Visual Studio builds on the Mac with Xamarin

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How Visual Studio builds on the Mac with Xamarin When we started working for Xamarin as consultants, a couple years ago, it was nothing short of amazing for us that Xamarin had already achieved a pretty solid “F5 experience” with an app building on the Mac and debugging like any regular local .NET app. I had the same feeling the first time I did the same thing against an Azure website. Felt like magic (in the Arthur C. Clark way). During the past year and a half since the we joined Xamarin, we iterated (among other things) on the
this key component of the developer experience, culminating in our most recent release, Xamarin 4. What started as a (more or less) batch process of “zip sources, HTTP post to Mac, build, run” (with frequent rebuilds needed), is now a fine-tuned granular incremental build system driven by MSBuild, connecting to the Mac over a resilient, auto-deployed and always-on messaging layer running on top of a bi-directional binary protocol over TCP, secured by an SSH tunnel. At the user experience level, it might seem that little has changed other than a fancy new connection dialog. But as Tim Cook said “the...(Read whole news on source site)

Packt Publishing – 5$ Skill Up Year in Review

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Skill Up: Year in ReviewBack in June, we asked you what tech skills you were using most and what you were hoping to learn in the coming months. Over 20,000 of you replied and helped us to produce the most informative salary and skills reports of 2015. Almost 6 months later, we want to find out what has changed, to get your thoughts on the most important emerging tech for 2016 and to, ultimately, help you to Skill Up into a new year.Take our quick 5 minute survey and you will receive a code for buying any eBook or

52 Weeks of Xamarin: Week 16 – Creating an iOS Application Part 2

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Last week we began creating an iOS application.  We covered most of what is required but we did not tackle persistence, which we will do today. This post is based on my Pluralsight course Beginning Mobile Development with Xamarin. We begin … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at