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It’s Microsoft TechDays next week. Where? The Hague!

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Thursday and Friday next week (that’s the 28th and 29th May to you), DevExpress will have a booth at Microsoft TechDays at the World Forum in Den Haag. We were there last year as well and liked it enough to come back this year as a Silver Sponsor! Present will be Don Wibier and myself doing the technical stuff – essentially a repeat of the Techorama dynamic from last week – and John Martin will be in charge of giving out the swag. And, well, in charge of us two also. Seriously, it was great fun
last year and we’re excited to be back! So, if you’re going to be there in The Hague, please do come over to the DevExpress booth. We’ll be happy to talk about our current product line and show off what’s coming up in v15.1. Also, given the recent news out of Build, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to ask us what we think about the possibilities for new features that face us in the second half of the year. You know: Windows Universal Apps, Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET 5, etc, etc. Plus, remember that Don can speak...(Read whole news on source site)

Why Apps Need A New Data Center Stack | TechCrunch

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Huge, engineer-rich companies such as Google and Microsoft solved (or
largely solved) this problem for themselves with systems like Borg and Autopilot,
respectively. The systems automatically manage resource allocation and
high availability for the services and applications that run across
their millions of servers. Algorithms, not developers or software
architects, determine where things run and on how many machines.

Why Apps Need A New Data Center Stack | TechCrunch

Microsoft's new services are built on Service Fabric (

which Microsoft released the other week (for Windows - Linux apparently
coming "soon"). Fabric handles deployment, high availability,
resource-aware load balancing, replication, etc.

rather than deploying machines for Hadoop, Cassandra, etc, you deploy
Service Fabric and let it manage your services. Your services have to be
written with Fabric in mind to take full advantage of it, but you can
get the high availability & deployment system by writing a Fabric
host for it (eg: Any exe can be used, just like in Autopilot.

When everything you know is wrong, part two | Fabulous adventures in coding

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When everything you know is wrong, part two | Fabulous adventures in coding

Now that we’ve looked at a bunch of myths about when finalizers are required to run, let’s consider when they are required to not run:

Myth: Keeping a reference to an object in a variable prevents
the finalizer from running while the variable is alive; a local
variable is always alive at least until control leaves the block in
which the local was declared.

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2015 | ZDNet

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The enterprise technologies to watch in 2015 | ZDNet

Containers. The near-explosive rise of Docker 

On-demand everything, X-as-a-Service (XaaS), Software-defined-X.

Open APIs. The rise of the API economy
and the need for pervasive integration of all IT systems, internal and
cloud, combined with the business opportunity it creates has kept APIs
on the enterprise priority list for several years now. However,
businesses have often been slow to full embrace them until quite
recently, yet the number of APIs continues to grow exponentially. A
example of how APIs can spur high-scale innovation and R&D
with development partners is Citibank's recent -- and highly successful -- mobile hackathon on top of their new APIs. Harvard has recently touted leading corporate examples of APIs in generating much of the revenue of large digital native firms such as eBay and Travelocity.

Immersive virtual reality. The success of Oculus Rift,
at least from an awareness standpoint, its famed multi-billion dollar
acquisition by Facebook, and the looming introduction of next-generation
models of virtual reality like Magic Leap

Talview rolls out its unique and user-friendly – Talview Candidate App’

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Talview, an automated video interview platform that assists organisations in screening candidates before a face to face meeting, recently launched its cutting-edge and candidate-friendly mobile application, ‘Talview Candidate App’. The one-of-its-kind app is carefully-designed to assist candidates to gain first-hand experience, give actual video interviews and also practice aptitude tests. Sanjoe Jose, CEO of Talview,...
Display a Number 2014 without using Numbers in C#
...(Read whole news on source site)

Sitecore SDK for Xamarin

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Sitecore is a high-end CMS. Putting data from its databases onto a phone is suddenly very easy.  Sitecore and Xamarin recently announced the Sitecore SDK for Xamarin. This post will run through an application that handles an implicit relationship to retrieve … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

Debugging Tips and Tricks

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Unfortunately bugs are a part of software development, and despite our best efforts to write software correctly from the start we spend a lot of time in the debugger. While bugs are an unfortunate fact of life, finding them doesn’t have to be as painful as it often is. For you problem-solvers out there, the Visual Studio 2015 debugger contains a rich set of features that can really increase your productivity…assuming you know they exist, and how to use them! To help with you learn more about our debugging tools, I recently gave three talks on “Debugging Tips and Tricks
for .NET developers”, at Microsoft’s Build Conference (60 minutes), at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference (75 minutes), and most recently on Visual Studio Toolbox (38 minutes). So check them out! For the folks who like the printed word more than talking heads, I’ll also cover some of the highlights I hit on in the talks. These tips include both new features in Visual Studio 2015 as well as useful functionality from previous versions of Visual Studio. Note: If you are interested in watching one of the talks, all three talks use the same demos and cover similar content, where the shorter...(Read whole news on source site)