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The Morning Brew #1693

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Update: The HTML Gremlins struck this morning swallowing a closing quote, which resulted in Jon Galloway’s post about video training being merged with the article on Document Databases – Its all sorted now – thanks to Ed (@nufan1989) for letting me know Software Announcing the Release of Web API OData 5.3 – Andrew Zhou announces […]

Azure: SQL Databases, API Management, Media Services, Websites, Role Based Access Control and More

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This week we released a major set of updates to Microsoft Azure. This week’s updates include: SQL Databases: General Availability of Azure SQL Database Service Tiers API Management: General Availability of our API Management Service Media Services: Live Streaming, Content Protection, Faster and Cost Effective Encoding, and Media Indexer Web Sites: Virtual Network integration, new scalable CMS with WordPress and updates to Web Site Backup in the Preview Portal Role-based Access Control: Preview release of role-based access control for Azure Management operations Alerting: General Availability of Azure Alerting and new alerts on events
All of these improvements are now available to use immediately (note that some features are still in preview).  Below are more details about them:   SQL Databases: General Availability of Azure SQL Database Service Tiers I’m happy to announce the General Availability of our new Azure SQL Database service tiers - Basic, Standard, and Premium.  The SQL Database service within Azure provides a compelling database-as-a-service offering that enables you to quickly innovate & stand up and run SQL databases without having to manage or operate VMs or infrastructure. Today’s SQL Database Service Tiers all come with a 99.99% SLA,...(Read whole news on source site)

Ten at Ten Meetings

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Ten at Ten are a very simple tool for helping teams stay focused, connected, and collaborate more effectively, the Agile way. I’ve been leading distributed teams and v-teams for years.   I needed a simple way to keep everybody on the same page, expose issues, and help everybody on the team increase their awareness of results and progress, as well as unblock and breakthrough blocking issues. Why Ten at Ten Meetings? When people are remote, it’s easy to feel disconnected, and it’s easy to start to feel like different people are just a “black box” or “go dark.”
Ten at Ten Meetings have been my friend and have helped me help everybody on the team stay in sync and appreciate each other’s work, while finding better ways to team up on things, and drive to results, in a collaborative way.  I believe I started Ten at Ten Meetings back in 2003 (before that, I wasn’t as consistent … I think 2003 is where I realized a quick sync each day, keeps the “black box” away.) Overview of Ten at Ten Meetings I’ve written about Ten at Ten Meetings before in my posts on How...(Read whole news on source site)

What is new in RavenDB 3.0: The studio

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It still feels funny to say that a major feature in a database product is the user interface, but I’m feeling a lot less awkward about saying that about the new studio now. The obvious change here is that it is using HTML5, and not Silverlight. That alone would be great, because Silverlight has gotten pretty annoying, but we have actually done much more that. We moved to HTML5 and we added a lot of new features. Here is how this looks like: Now, let me show you some of the new stuff. None of it is ground breaking on its own,
but combined they create a vastly improved experience. Indexes copy/paste allows you to easily transfer index definitions from one database to another, without requiring any external tools. Also on indexing, we have the format index feature, which can take a nasty index and turn that into a pretty and more easily understood code: Speaking of code and indexing, did you notice the C# button there? Clicking on that will give you this: Like the copy/paste index feature, the idea is that you can modify the index on the studio, play with the various options, then you hit this button and you...(Read whole news on source site)

Free E-Book from Citrix - 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack

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Originally posted on:, Citrix are offering the free E-book “60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack” “This free eBook will teach you how to use Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Fluentd, libcloud, and several other open source tools that let you build and operate CloudStack better and faster. If you’re an experienced programmer, system administrator, or DevOps practitioner familiar with bash, Git, package management, and some Python, you’re ready to go.”