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.NET Encore

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Wiktionary defines encore as “A brief extra performance, done after the main performance is complete”. Guess what, it kind of describes what .NET Core is! Some of you may be asking: why do we need this at all? Don’t we already have Portable Class Libraries (PCL), Windows Phone (WP) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps? … Continue reading .NET Encore

Production postmorterm: Houston, we have a problem

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As you read this post, you might want to also consider letting this play in the background. We had a UDP port leak in RavenDB. We squashed it like a bug, but somehow it kep repeating.   We found one cause of it (and fixed it), finally. That was after several rounds of looking at the code and fixing a few “this error condition can lead to the socket not being properly disposed”. Finally, we pushed to our own internal systems, and monitored things, and saw that it was good. But the bloody bug kept repeating. Now,
instead of manifesting as thousands of UDP ports, we had just a dozen or so, but they were (very) slowly increasing. And it drove us nuts. We had logging there, and we could see that we didn’t had the kind of problems that we had before. And everything looked good. A full reproduction of the issue can be here, but the relevant piece of code is here: Timer timer = new Timer(async state => { try { var addresses = await Dns.GetHostAddressesAsync(""); ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2022

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I started out writing summaries today, but an unfortunately timed fire drill meant I had to leave the office for 20 minutes of my usual Morning Brew prep time, so its links only for the rest. Software Introducing Insiders Builds – Chris Dias discusses plans for Visual Studio Code to change from the insiders program […]

angular2-indexeddb Repository is Alive

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Yesterday I was working on a session idea and started playing with Angular 2 and IndexedDB. The result is angular2-indexeddb an experimental Angular 2 library that wraps IndexedDB database in an Angular 2 service. The library exposes very simple API to enable the usage of IndexedDB without most of it plumbing you will have to do […]

Beer IoT: Making cooling rate calculation testable

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My previous beer IoT post introduced how to measure cooling rate of beer. As I introduced the first calculation there I implemented it in code the way it just works and gets calculations done. Now it’s time to focus on the implementation and make some small improvements that clean up code and improve technical design. The post Beer IoT: Making cooling rate calculation testable appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

Data security, SQL Server 2016, and Your Business

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From an IT infrastructure and compliance perspective, the importance of protecting data is clear. But it also has profound business implications and can even be a competitive differentiator by helping drive customer loyalty and retention. David Hobbs-Mallyon talks about Microsoft’s approach to data security. 8 must-have SQL Server tools
The SQL Developer Suite contains 8 tools for faster, simpler SQL Server development.
href=""> Download a free trial. ...(Read whole news on source site)

SQL SERVER – dbForge Object Search for SQL Server

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SSMS is a nice tool for database developers. However, it is far from being ideal, and this is because some routine operations in SSMS are extremely inconvenient to perform. Very often, developers face the challenge of searching a database for all occurrences of an object, column, variable, or search simultaneously all the objects, in which […]