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Azure Sketchnote Collection: Pt 1

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Originally posted on: recently started sketchnoting to better understand topics with as many new technologies and languages come out every day.  This post is simply a collection of Azure related sketchnotes that I created.  It is meant as a quick overview of some of the key components and concepts around Azure.  I’ll post more in a future post.  I hope at least a few people find them helpful and I invite feedback. AzureCon 2015 Containers DocumentDB Azure Security
Center Azure Machine Learning
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Earn Your Playing Time

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Originally posted on: It is aggravating being a coach and a parent watching other parents complain that their child doesn’t get their fair share of playing time.  I could have done this with my own son this season, but instead I told him to work harder and he is now a starter.  Those who show effort and willingness to learn will earn their playing time.  We do our children a disservice by expecting someone to give them a role they haven’t put in the work for or don’t have the skill to perform. We have
to realize this applies to ourselves as well in our business lives.  You need to show to your company that you have value and that they are better off with you as a starter.  As a developer this may mean that you need to spend your own time writing a proof of concept.  Another approach is to ask what areas the company has skill deficiencies and make an effort to gain those skills.  You should also see if you can find a mentor.  Often this will make the road easier and both of you can improve your game. The...(Read whole news on source site)

A Master Detail layout for Ionic

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Ionic is a framework built on angular-js, targeted at creating mobile applications. However, one component that isn’t part of the standard controls is the master detail layout. A recent project I worked on required this type of layout, so I spent some time researching and then creating a custom control. This post describes that process, but if you just want to see the end result, check out the demo project. What is a Master Detail layout? A master detail layout is a responsive layout for tablets and phones, that allows users to view a list of items (the master view), and drill
down into each item for more details (the detail view). On small devices (i.e. phones), the control should behave similar to a navigation control, where the user only sees one screen at a time and has the ability to navigate forwards backwards between the master and detail views. On larger devices (i.e. tablets), the control should be a split-screen view so the user sees the master view down the left edge of the screen with the detail view filling the remaining space. When writing a native iOS app, this type of view is part of UISplitViewController. For a great write up on...(Read whole news on source site)