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How to take screenshot in Moto G Android Phone ?

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Taking screenshot is pretty easy in Moto G Android phone . You can actually do it without any apps and the screenshot feature is available natively in the Moto G. How to take screenshot in Moto G Android Phone ? To take screenshot on Moto G device , press and hold the “Power” button and “Volume down” key at the same time for around 3 seconds . This will take the screenshot of the current screen and save the screenshot in the screenshot folder in your Gallery.

How to change default apps in Android Device (Moto G)?

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This tutorial will explain in simple steps on how the users can change the default apps on your android phone (Android v 4.4.4) . The Android operating system comes with many default apps . There are times when you would have installed multiple apps which can support opening the similar file types . For example , you can have multiple apps on your android phone which can open the mp4 files. In the above case , the “Complete Action Using” option is shown to the user with the options “Always” and “Just Once” . Selecting the “Just Once” means that
you will be asked next time again when you launch the similar file and provides an perfect solution if the users would like to switch between apps. The “Always” option will set the app selected as the new default app. How to Clear the default app settings in Android Device (Moto G)? To rest the default app settings , navigate to Settings screen and then select Apps -> All . Select the app that you wish to unset the app as the default app. In the App Info screen , Click the “Clear defaults” button found under the “Launch by...(Read whole news on source site)

Free E-Book from APress - Platform Embedded Security Technology Revealed

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Originally posted on:, APress are providing a free E-Book - Platform Embedded Security Technology Revealed. “Platform Embedded Security Technology Revealed is an in-depth introduction to Intel’s security and management engine, with details on the security features and the steps for configuring and invoking them. It's written for security professionals and researchers; embedded-system engineers; and software engineers and vendors.”

APress Deal of the Day 23/Aug/2014 - Pro Windows 8 Development with HTML5 and JavaScript

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Pro Windows 8 Development with HTML5 and JavaScript. “Apps are at the heart of Windows 8, bringing rich and engaging experiences to both tablet and desktop users. Windows 8 uses the Windows Runtime (WinRT), a complete reimagining of Windows development that supports multiple programming languages and is built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These applications are the future of Windows development and JavaScript is perfect language to take advantage of this exciting and flexible environment.”

AngularJS Lifetime Management, Lazy-Loading, and other Advanced DI Techniques

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One aspect of Angular that I love is it’s dependency injection. Contrary to some criticisms I’ve read, I find it is extremely flexible and powerful enough to address the demands of enterprise line of business apps. I discussed the general benefits of DI in Dependency Injection Explained and specifically Angular’s implementation using Providers, Services, and Factories and even aspect-oriented interception/decoration. In this post, I address some other features common to advanced Inversion of Control containers, namely lazy-loading, lifetime management, and deferred creation/resolution. Lazy-Loading Lazy-loading simply refers to the late instantiation of objects when you
need them. Many dependency injection systems will build-up a component the first time it is recognized as a dependency, but in some cases you may not want to instantiate the component until later in the application lifetime. In Angular, the perfect example is when you are setting up a behavior in the configuration pass that references components that haven’t been created yet. Let’s assume you want to intercept the built-in $log service so that it stores entries on the $rootScope. I don’t recommend this but it works for a simple, contrived example. To intercept, you reference $provide in the configuration...(Read whole news on source site)

The Gear from the First 80 Days on the Road

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As many of you know, me and my new wife are having the trip of our life. We’re in Switzerland at the moment and having a great time. We are certainly learning as we go what is important and what is not. I thought it might be a fun chance to talk about the gear I’ve used so far and discuss what worked and what didn’t. As we travel, I am still working. I am recording Pluralsight courses, working with clients, doing the Hello World Podcast, as well as planning for some in-person training during the trip.
This means I not only need gear to enjoy the trip but to work as well. The Packing I think it’s important to see where we started and where we ended up. If you don’t know, this trip is a year-long trip across the globe. It’s seven or so months in Europe and five months in Asia. We don’t have a house to go back to so we’re carrying most of what we own (with a small storage place back in Atlanta). To complicate matters, we got married four days before the trip so it’s been pretty whirlwind....(Read whole news on source site)

5 AutoMapper tips and tricks

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AutoMapper is a productivity tool designed to help you write less repetitive code mapping code. AutoMapper maps objects to objects, using both convention and configuration.  AutoMapper is flexible enough that it can be overridden so that it will work with even the oldest legacy systems.  This post demonstrates what I have found to be 5 […] The post 5 AutoMapper tips and tricks appeared first on Developer Handbook.

Retrospective on the Aug 14th VS Online outage

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We had a pretty serious outage last Thursday all told it was a little over 5 hours.  The symptoms were that performance was so bad that the service was basically unavailable for most people (though there was some intermittent access as various mitigation steps were taken).  It started around 14:00 UTC and ended a little before 19:30 UTC.  This duration and severity makes this one of the worst incidents we’ve ever had on VS Online. We feel terrible about it and continue to be committed to doing everything we can to prevent outages.  I’m sorry for the problems it
caused.  The team worked tirelessly from Thursday through Sunday both to address the immediate health issues and to fix underlying bugs that might cause recurrences.  As you might imagine, for the past week, we’ve been hard at work trying to understand what happened and what changes we have to make to prevent such things in the future.  It is often very difficult to find proof of the exact trigger for outages but you can learn a ton by studying them closely. On an outage like this, there’s a set of questions I always ask, and they include:...(Read whole news on source site)