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Round-tripping with Visual Studio 11

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About two years ago we wrote a blog post entitled Why does Visual Studio 2010 convert my projects? One of the strong pieces of feedback we received was that you wanted to be able to work on your projects using both the current and previous version of VS. We are delighted to announce that Visual Studio 11 will allow you to easily round-trip your projects with Visual Studio 2010 SP1! This means you can leverage the features of Visual Studio 11 while collaborating on the same projects as your team members who may still be using Visual Studio 2010
SP1. When we embarked upon enabling round-tripping, we realized that implementing the feature boils down to accomplishing three goals: Visual Studio 11 just works with existing Visual Studio 2010 projects It is easy and desirable to upgrade to Visual Studio 11 Teams can use both Visual Studio 11 and Visual Studio 2010 at the same time The key to achieving these goals is to answer one question – whether a project can leverage the same set of tools in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 11, and exhibit the same design-time and runtime behaviors. In Visual Studio 2010, we enabled full multi-targeting which severed the...(Read whole news on source site)

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