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The future of dev in SharePoint (and Office 365)

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SharePoint, WCF and Azure Trainings: more information
Yesterday, Microsoft ran a virtual event titled, “The Future of SharePoint”. Did you get the memo? The interwebs have been flooded with blogposts about those, so I’m a bit late to the party expressing my opinions on this topic. Late to the party, but here I am (after some gestation). 1.    I am glad to see SharePoint back. A 3.2b$ business, Microsoft has made the right choice by not letting it...(Read whole news on source site)

I Have a New Voice

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I am happy to announce I have joined Amazon and will be evangelizing to developers around the world regarding Alexa – the voice behind devices such as Echo, Dot, and Tap.  It is hard to imagine a future that doesn’t allow people to freely engage with things in their environment by naturally talking.  As such, I am thrilled to be at the dawn of this new voice-interactive era, and look forward to sharing how developers can get involved! While I will be evangelizing all things Alexa, my primary focus will
be in the Smart Home capabilities Alexa has to offer. Imagine the possibilities of walking in a room and saying: Alexa, dim the lights Alexa, lower the temperature The above is possible now.  What else?  Have a voice-interactive idea you wish would come true in your home?  Want to see it become a reality?  Tweet me at @palermo4 and use the #AskAlexa tag to start the conversation!...(Read whole news on source site)

SharePoint Framework - Initial Questions and Answers

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At the Future of SharePoint event in San Francisco on May the 4th Microsoft announced the new and improved customization option and/or development model called the SharePoint Framework. This is a development model that solely focused on client-side development. There's been some confusion going on on Twitter and other social medias and podcasts and I thought I should put together an Q&A post for this. This Q&A post is totally unofficial, all of this is currently in private preview and some comes from my (awesome) DevKitchen experiences, so things can and will change and I take no responsibility
of any errors in this post or any financial, physical or mental issues caused by reading this. I will try to keep this post alive as much as possible and if you have any questions, feel free to post them and we'll try to get answer to them. I also listed some questions, that I do not have an answer to, but are working on to find out… Q: Is the SharePoint Framework an new development model My point of view here is that this is not a completely new model. The framework might be new, but that is...(Read whole news on source site)

.NET Foundation - Welcoming WiX Toolset to the .NET Foundation

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.NET Foundation - Welcoming WiX Toolset to the .NET Foundation

The WiX toolset project holds a special place in my heart. I've built many installers in my time using the toolset

The core of WiX is a set of build tools that build Windows Installer
packages using the same build concepts as the rest of your product:
source code is compiled and then linked to create executables; in this
case .exe setup bundles, .msi installation packages, .msm merge modules,
and .msp patches. 

How to perform Shallow Copy in C# ? by @abundantcode

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