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My Thoughts on AngularJS 1.3 and 2.0

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I've received a ton of questions on Twitter and through email about last week's AngularJS announcement. Questions such as "What's going on with AngularJS?" and "Should I start a new AngularJS 1.3 project when AngularJS 2.0 looks quite different?". Many people are excited about the modern approach the Angular team is taking with 2.0, a few seem to be predicting doom and gloom, and a few more are worried about what they should do.  As a result of all the questions I decided to put together a quick post since 140 characters on Twitter isn’t really enough.
on 1.3 or Move to Another Framework? While every situation is different and maintenance certainly has to be evaluated carefully with any software project, I personally like what I've seen so far (2.0 is still very early though and may certainly change) and plan to build SPAs in the near term using Angular 1.3. Why? Because it just came out, it gets the job done very well, I don’t want to jump to another framework at this point, I have confidence in the AngularJS team, and Angular 1.3 makes me more productive. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on...(Read whole news on source site)

GhostDoc Support for VS2014

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Originally posted on:’s excellent product GhostDoc Pro as of version v4.9.14262, now supports Visual Studio 2014 albeit unofficially! So for those of you with a spare virtual machine to install VS2014 onto, please also install GhostDoc from

If you are serious about programming in either C# and/or VB.Net, you should get GhostDoc as it is a most useful tool to assist in producing XML documentation.

Random Link Roundup–10/31/2014

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Happy Halloween, everyone!  In addition to providing you with a bunch of random links, I’m going to be dressing for the job I want today: Google revealed some details about Angular 2.0 this week.  They didn’t just move the cheese, they took it outside, shot it, then set it on fire.  InfoQ has a concise write-up.  Firepole Marketing lists 16 common website design mistakes and how to fix them.  Let’s not count how many this very site violates.  MOVE ALONG! Have you ever had to make nice-looking HTML
E-mails?  It’s not fun.  BeeFree looks like it might help alleviate some of that pain. Here’s a web-based iOS simulator!  Just upload your .app file, and you'll get a link to your simulator! AppFigures looks like a good way to track useful metrics about your mobile apps.  Jon Skeet is always a good read.  His latest post is no exception. Chocolatey continues to grow up!  It FINALLY has package moderation!  And the Kickstarter is approaching the half-way mark with 18 days...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,192 – Calling Arrange on Child Elements

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When you author a custom control that contains child elements, you should call the Arrange method of each child object within your ArrangeOverride method. Below is an example, from a custom element with one child.  The parent control has a dependency property, ChildProperty, representing the single child element. Below is a second example, from a custom panel that renders […]

The Morning Brew #1727

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Software Azure: Announcing New Real-time Data Streaming and Data Factory Services – Scott Guthrie Information Graph traversal, part one – Eric Lippert ChessTDD 20: Refactoring in Earnest – Erik Dietrich ASP.NET MVC 6: New structure of solutions and projects – Gunnar Peipman Getting the Client’s IP Address in ASP.NET vNext Web Applications – Tugberk Ugurlu […]

Numbers in ORDER BY Clause

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You can use numbers in ORDER BY Clause so that it will sort the result set based on the ordinal position of the column. But when numbers are used in a CASE Expression, they do not refer the ordinal position of the columns but they behave like ordering based on derived column with as expression.

Let us consider the following data

create table #test(mobile_no int, model_name varchar(100)) truncate table #test insert into #test(mobile_no,model_name) select 1,'Samsung Galaxy' union all select 2,'Nokia Lumia' union all select 3,'Apple 5s' union all select 4,'Micromax Canvas' union all select 5,'Moto X' 1 Numbers in ORDER BY Clause

select * from #test order by 2 The result
is mobile_no model_name ----------- -------------------- 3 iPhone 5s 4 Micromax Canvas 5 Moto X 2 Nokia Lumia 1 Samsung Galaxy As you see the results are ordered by Name because it is a second column
2 Expression in ORDER BY Clause

select * from #test order by case when model_name='Nokia Lumia' then 1 else 2 end The result...(Read whole news on source site)