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Copying SP2013 Workflow XAML files between VSNET projects

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The Error If you copy Workflow or Workflow Custom Activity objects between your SharePoint VSNET projects, sometimes you would see these errors: Project file must include the .NET Framework assembly 'WindowsBase, PresentationCore' in the reference list. Project file must include the .NET Framework assembly 'WindowsBase' in the reference list.   Why This is actually a result of VSNET getting quite confused.  It thinks your workflow.xaml files are WPF XAML files.   The Build Action "Page" is special and tells VSNET that this is a WPF Page object.  Which then
triggers the compiler requirement that the necessary libraries are not included in the project. This can happen when you copy Workflow or Workflow Custom Activity files from one project to another, then use VSNET to "Include in Project"   The Fix Is to tell VSNET the correct Build Action for an Workflow XAML file:   The correct Build Action for Workflow XAML objects is XamlAppDef Go through your project and check every XAML file.   Result   Happy again....(Read whole news on source site)

Next Available Node with HierarchyId Data Type - SQL Server 2008

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I have posted for the some of the function with examples and demonstrate them in earlier posts. I have wrote articles of HierarchyId data type overview, some basic functions, even demonstrate for the up-line & down-line of hierarchy nodes which you can read from below links. Breath First and Depth First Strategy - HierarchyId Data Type in SQL Server 2008 Get Downline and Upline of hierarchical data and Performance review - SQL Server 2008 Up-Line and Down-Line with HierarchyId Data type - SQL Server
2008 Here I will present how can we get next available node to be planed with HierarchyID data type function. Let's first create hierarchy data structure with script. -- Create a database and table CREATE DATABASE HierarchyDB GO USE HierarchyDB GO IF ( Object_id('HierarchyTab') > 0 ) DROP TABLE HierarchyTab GO CREATE TABLE HierarchyTab ( NodeId INT IDENTITY(1, 1) ,NodeDepth VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL ,NodePath HIERARCHYID NOT NULL ,NodeDesc VARCHAR(100) ) GO -- Creating constraint on hierarchy data type. ALTER TABLE HierarchyTab ADD CONSTRAINT U_NodePath UNIQUE CLUSTERED (NodePath) GO -- Inserting data in above creatd table. INSERT INTO HierarchyTab(NodeDepth,NodePath,NodeDesc) VALUES ('1',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/'),'Node-1'), ('1.1',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/1/'),'Node-2'), ('1.1.1',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/1/1/'),'Node-3'), ('1.1.2',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/1/2/'),'Node-4'), ('1.2',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/'),'Node-5'), ('1.2.1',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/1/'),'Node-6'), ('1.2.2',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/2/'),'Node-7'), ('',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/2/1/'),'Node-8'), ('',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/2/1/1/'),'Node-9'), ('',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/2/2/1/2/'),'Node-10'), ('1.3',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/3/'),'Node-11'), ('1.3.1',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/3/1/'),'Node-12'), ('1.3.2',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/3/2/'),'Node-13'), ('1.4',HIERARCHYID::Parse('/4/'),'Node-14') GO   Hierarchy data structure as imaged as below. (Click on image to...(Read whole news on source site)

I'm Speaking at Modern Apps LIVE! (LIVE! 360) Orlando

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I'm excited to be speaking at the upcoming Modern Apps LIVE! conference co-located at the Visual Studio LIVE!, LIVE! 360 Orlando conference November 17-21. There are still a few days left to save $600 using my speaker registration code: LSPK17 Click on the banner below to go straight to the registration page.

Here are the Modern Apps LIVE! session I'll be speaking at during the conference:
MAH05: Building a Responsive Single Page App
MAF01 Workshop: Modern App Development In-Depth: iOS, Android, Windows, and Web

I hope to
see you there and don't miss out on the registration savings that end 10/24!
...(Read whole news on source site)

DDDNorth 2014 Review

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I had no excuse for not attending DDDNorth this year, as it was held at Leeds University, a relatively short drive from home. Not that I'd be looking for an excuse - these free events are always superbly organised and provide a valuable opportunity to see sessions from a wide range of speakers without having to take time off work. It's no wonder the tickets are always snapped up so quickly. As a contractor, I also appreciate the opportunity that DDDNorth affords me to catch up with so many friends and colleagues that I've worked with over the years, and
it was great to see so many familiar faces. With five slots during the day each offering five concurrent sessions there were plenty of difficult choices to be made. In general, I tried to attend sessions offering information I didn't think I would be able to get from books, blogs or PluralSight - stories from the trenches and architectural concepts rather than deep dives on specific technologies. The first session I attended was "So You Want To Be A Tech Lead - 10 Things You Need To Do To Succeed" by Joel Hammond-Turner (@rammesses). I was delighted to find that...(Read whole news on source site)

Office Web Apps Server will only be available for Volume License customers shortly

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Today the Office Updates blog added a new blog post titled “Web Apps Server Removal from Download Center”. The contents of that blog post is short: As of 11-24-2014 Office Web Apps Server will be removed from the Microsoft Download Center.  At that time it will only be available for download under Volume Licensing agreements.  For more information please visit the site Volume Licensing Service Center. Office Web Apps Server, used by SharePoint, Exchange and Lync to view, preview and edit Office documents is and has been one of the key features/add-ons of these products and
allows for browser based editing and collaboration. It has up until now been available as a free download, free from licensing for reading but requiring Office client licensing for editing. So from the 24th of November you will not be able to download Office Web Apps Server (WAC) from the Microsoft Download center. To download it you will be required to have a Volume License agreement with Microsoft and you will only be able to download it from the Volume Licensing Service Center. Why this move? I don’t know. I will try to find out though… This...(Read whole news on source site)

Upcomming Scrum at Scale Workshop from

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If you are scaling agility in the enterprise through scrum then you will understand when I say that this can be a very difficult problem. And it's mostly about people and about culture and the Scrum at Scale Workshop can help you. The post Upcomming Scrum at Scale Workshop from appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.