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With the expiration of Microsoft support for Windows XP, there is a possibility that some VB6 developers will have to move to VB.Net. I do not know if this is actually true but regardless, I am interesting in helping current VB6 users move to VB.Net. However, rather than guess what the most important issues that VB6 developers experience when they try to move to VB.Net, I would like you to tell me. Please use the comments section of this post to give me an idea of the main “pain points” you have experienced when moving from VB6
to VB.Net. Your comments will help me focus on the really important stuff. Thanks … bill
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The designers at ThemeFuse have a special offer to share. They are offering a free WordPress premium theme to each of 3 winners. Three WordPress themes licenses. If you are currently using WordPress as your blog of choice, you could be one of three lucky winners. Enter today to be included in our giveaway. Each winner will be able to choose from a variety of cool premium WordPress themes at no charge. ThemeFuse is giving away 3 vouchers. Here’s how you can win one of them. How to enter: Comment on this post stating why you should win and what
you’ll do with the theme if you win. Send out this tweet: Win a free copy of @ThemeFuse #WordPress Theme from @Ginktage (RT to Enter). Like the Facebook ThemeFuse Facebook page The last date to participate in the Giveaway is  30th April , 2014 . After which the ThemeFuse will announce the winners. Why Should You Enter? ThemeFuse is one of the top options available for premium WordPress themes. They have a full offering of themes that will work with many different businesses. There is sure to be a style that you love at ThemeFuse ThemeFuse designs are fully functional and...(Read whole news on source site)

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Microsoft already released Windows Phone 8.1 as part of Developer Preview programme, that means, developers having Windows Phone store account and/or App Studio account can try this before it comes out for general public to experience. Windows Phone 8.1 has some cool new and enhanced features set and among them Start Screen and Themes are there. In this post, we are going to discuss on this today.  If you are a Windows Phone developer and want to experience it as part of Developer Preview programme (Early Adopter), you can follow this post to configure your device to
get the latest update before it comes up to general public. Though the said post is quite old, but this is applicable for Windows Phone 8.1 update too. Make sure to read the “Important Notes” section before proceeding with this update. One of the most amazing experience you will fell with this update is the new Start Screen. You can now set either Accent color or an image as the background of transparent live tiles. This will only work to those apps which has a transparent icon as it’s live tile. The developer of that app must provide that in the...(Read whole news on source site)

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In this episode, Robert is joined by Harikrishna Kumar, who show us improvements to authoring XAML in Visual Studio 2013. Hari shows us the Hub App template for Windows Store apps, Go to Definition, IntelliSense for data binding and resources, statement completion, IntelliSense matching and more. He also shows us some new features for working with XAML in Blend.



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