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When everything is “most important” … nothing is

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It can be difficult to prioritize - especially when everything is highest priority and most important. But the truth is, when everything is the highest priority or the most important thing you have to do, then nothing is. That doesn't mean you don't have important things to do. It only means that your time and priorities are not being managed correctly.

Random Link Roundup–9/25/2014

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It’s the last Friday of September.  Time for another cat pic and some links! I've been working on some simplified ASP.NET Identity samples lately, something that shows how cleanly it can be implemented if you remove some of the bad design and noise that the VS project template adds.  These two posts were very useful: Solving 500 errors with the Google OAuth + Identity and an overview of setting up Google OAuth with ASP.NET Identity  Looks like the community is giving back to Entity Framework a bit in the
href="" target="_blank">6.1.2 release! You know those slide-out menus that are so common mobile apps?  Here's a take on it using the Ionic framework. This AngularJS directive that will add a loading bar to your app just by including its module.  There are all sorts of ways to generate TypeScript type definitions from C# classes.    TypeLITE is one such example. I've mentioned it before, but C# 6 has some major improvements.  Here's another recap of what's coming. The validation...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,167 – Layout in Action, part IV

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The previous example showed how layout works when a child element needs less space than what it is available.  Below, we walk through the case when the child needs more space than what’s available. Assume that we have a Label with more content than will fit into a containing StackPanel (which sizes to fit a containing window).  At run-time, the […]

RavenDB Recognized in DZone’s 2014 Guide to Big Data

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I’m excited to get to tell you that RavenDB is a  featured vendor in DZone’s 2014 Guide to Big Data. The guide includes expert opinions and tips, industry knowledge, and data platform and database comparisons. And it would give you a good background information about the different NoSQL solutions that are currently available. Readers can download a free copy of the guide here.

IsPrime Function in JavaScript

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var theNumber = 22; var primeResult = isPrime(theNumber); document.write("
" + primeResult); function isPrime(n) { var s = [2,3,5,7]; var ld = [1,3,7,9]; var divs = []; if (n==1) {return false;} if (s.indexOf(n) > -1) {return true;} if (ld.indexOf(n%10) > -1) { divs = getDivisibles(n); document.writeln(divs); } else { return false; } return (divs.length == 0); }// isPrime function getDivisibles(n) { var i = 2; var divs = []; while
(i*i<=n) { if (n%i==0) { var upper = n/i; divs.push(i); if (upper>i) {divs.push(upper);} } i++; }// while divs.sort(function(x,y){return x-y;}); return divs; }// getDivisibles See the Pen isPrime by J Michael Palermo IV (@palermo4) on CodePen.
...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1703

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Links only edition today as my time is limited this morning. Information Confusing errors for a confusing feature, part one – Eric Lippert Chess TDD 16: Finishing Bishop Blocking – Erik Dietrich Beyond Simple Asserts with ApprovalTests – Jason Roberts Testing with fakes or stubs? That is the question! – Cellfish Quick Guide to setup […]

Sitecore on Azure

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This is old news, but still worth sharing. I have shared my architecture with folks from The Azure Podcast for discussion and suggestions. It was a good review and worth listening to.  In case you're interested, Episode 32 has the discussion from minute 20:30. This architecture is now running 3 of our production sites, with another one on its way for international support with multiple regions.  TLDR: Sitecore on Azure IaaS + Azure Cache (Redis) + Azure Websites / CDN = cost reduction + ease of development + inexpensive migration