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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328 for PC, Mobile is now available

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Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 10 Insiders preview build 14328 for the fast ring users. The build is now available via the Windows Update/Phone Update for both PC and Mobile devices. Only a few set of phone devices listed by Microsoft will get this build.   There are a lot of new features/enhancements available in this build along with fixes. As it’s a developer preview build, it also has some known issues. Continue reading to know more about it.     Windows 10 Insider Preview
build 14328 is a major build for PCs, packed with lots of new features and improvements including Windows Ink, updated Start, Cortana enhancements and more. You can read out the list of new features and enhancements, bug fixes and known issues. Read the known issues before you download the bits. If it’s going to make you uncomfortable or if you think that the issues can trouble you, switch to the slow ring now unless Microsoft releases a stable build with this new features and enhancements.   As it’s just one build newer than the mobile build...(Read whole news on source site)

The Secret To Building Large JavaScript Apps

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Have you ever wondered what the real secret to writing large apps – especially JavaScript apps – may be? Perhaps you think about a skyscraper in a large city; a monolithic thing, self-sustaining and yet connected to the parts around it?  In this episode of ThoughtsOnCode, I’ll share with you the real secret to building […]

Messaging app improvement in #Windows10Mobile - Swipe to delete

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Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile build 14327 to the Windows Insiders available in the fast ring. With this build, they introduced some changes/improvements for the insiders to test and provide feedback. Among those, one is the messaging app.   Now you will be able to easily delete the messages from the messaging app, just like what you are doing in Windows 10 PC build. Continue to read more about it.   Previously to delete any SMS message we had to choose the delete option from the context menu, but
in this build the delete functionality has been simplified just like the outlook app currently available. Now onwards we don't have to go for context menu. We can directly delete any message, by just swiping the selected message to left. Please refer to the below left screenshot.   The recently deleted message will not be permanently deleted immediately. As shown in the below right screenshot, the screen will give you an undo option also. In case you deleted the message by mistake, you will still have the few seconds to undone it.        ...(Read whole news on source site)

Automatic SSRS report output of all report parameter combinations

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You already have a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) sales report that takes parameters for Country and State. Each time the report is run a user selects the specific Country and State for the report. A request has been made to deliver one report via email that includes all of the combinations for each country and state. Daniel Farina shows how to achieve this without modifying the report.