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InfoPath Javascript - fixing image control tooltip.

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In a previous blog post I discussed using Picture Controls to host lots of images within InfoPath and manage the tooltip.InfoPath FormServer renders picture buttons with a pop-up Picture Icon that will hide any alt-text that you've set on that picture.The key is in the Core.js file, which you should NOT modify.  As this is what could happen if you modify core javascript files.function LinkedPicture_OnMouseOver(a, c) { ULSrLq:; var b = ViewDataNode_GetViewDataNodeFromHtml(a), d = PictureControl_GetPrimaryDataNodeValue(b); /* This modification hides the picture icon
when the control is disabled */ var e = PictureControl_GetPicture(a); if (e && e.alt == "Picture") { e.alt = ""; e.title = ""; } if (typeof(a.disabled) != "undefined" && a.disabled) { return; } /* end modification */ a = PictureControl_EnsureControl(a); d != "" && PictureControl_ShowPictureIcon(a, b, true); LeafControl_OnMouseOver(a, c); } LinkedPicture.OnMouseOver = LinkedPicture_OnMouseOver;So instead, you should create a separate webpart...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference

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The first ever Microsoft Americas MVP Virtual Conference will happen soon.Please note this event is not just for MVPs, it’s for everyone!What: MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf)
Where: online and free!
When: Thursday May 14th and Friday, May 15thHigh level overview of the event:World-class free online conference that features technical content presented by Americas’ region MVPs that is open to the publicMore technical content (Level 200, 300, 400), less marketing5 tracks: IT Pro English, Dev English, Consumer English, Mixed Spanish, Mixed PortugueseEvent will be broadcast via Lync using L+ which enhances the conferencing capabilities of LyncTwo
full days of sessions with simultaneous webcasts running across all 5 tracks· Start at 8am PT and running until 6pm PT (Pacific)Day 1: 45 sessions + Keynote, Day 2: 50 sessionsKeynote on Day 1 to be delivered by Steve ‘Guggs’ Guggenheimer, Corporate VP of DXOn Demand content available via Channel9·...(Read whole news on source site)

Xamarin Dev Days

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There is a nice Xamarin event coming!“Xamarin Dev Days provide attendees with an intense, hands-on learning experience. Spend the morning exploring mobile development with sessions from Xamarin, our technology partners, and members of your local developer community, then roll up your sleeves for an afternoon dedicated to diving into code.”, there is no date scheduled in Canada, but you can cast your vote!If you are in Quebec, please add a request for Montreal!
Use the button at the bottom of this page:

Four Ways to Quickly Test Swift Code Snippets

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Article Introduction I have a new in-depth article published online today called, “Four Ways to Quickly Test Swift Code Snippets”. Excerpt As developers, we are always looking for a better, faster way of doing things. Whenever I am learning a new language that typically runs in an IDE, then I begin to look for ways to test code snippets through either the Terminal for Mac or the command prompt on Windows. Swift is no exception. As I’ve been working more and more with this language, I’ve uncovered four ways to quickly test Swift code that are not only great for your day-to-day
job, but can be used to collaborate and help others learn this new language. The Full Article The full article is hosted on the TDN website and you can access it here. Four Ways to Quickly Test Swift Code Snippets was originally published by Michael Crump at Michael Crump on April 21, 2015. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Join me at various Build events across America

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I can’t wait to talk XAML at Build 2015 with you all!!! Hey all!  Been really quiet here on the blog as I’ve been focusing on both new personal and work aspects of my life.  On the work front, the team I work on has been working hard on delivering on our promise of converged Windows app development using the native UI framework for the platform – XAML.  It has been a real journey of change, stress of new customers and some exciting changes to the platform that are just the beginning. My team (XAML) and
the entire Windows Developer Platform team will be joining thousands of you in San Francisco for Build 2015 to share what we’ve been working on for Windows 10. I’ll be joining members of my team in San Francisco to talk about what’s new in the UI framework, some ideas/tools/new ‘stuff’ to build apps across mobile and desktop, improvements in data binding, all the work we did in the platform for performance, and more! Aside from San Francisco, I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to deliver an address at a few events as a part of...(Read whole news on source site)

Precedence: ordering or grouping?

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m part of the technical group looking at updating the ECMA-334 C# standard to reflect the C# 5 Microsoft specification. I recently made a suggestion that I thought would be uncontroversial, but which caused some discussion – and prompted this “request for comment” post, effectively. What does the standard say about … Continue reading Precedence: ordering or grouping? →

The Myths of Business Model Innovation

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Business model innovation has a couple of myths. One myth is that business model innovation takes big thinking.  Another myth about business model innovation is that technology is the answer. In the book, The Business Model Navigator, Oliver Gassman, Karolin Frankenberger, and Michaela Csik share a couple of myths that need busting so that more people can actually achieve business model innovation. The "Think Big" Myth Business model innovation does not need to be “big bang.”  It can be incremental.  Incremental changes can create more options and more opportunities
for serendipity. Via The Business Model Navigator: “'Business model innovations are always radical and new to the world.'   Most people associate new business models with the giants leaps taken by Internet companies.  The fact is that business model innovation, in the same way as product innovation, can be incremental.  For instance, Netflix's business model innovation of mailing DVDs to customers was undoubtedly incremental and yet brought great success to the company.  The Internet opened up new avenues for Netflix that allowed the company to steadily evolve into an online streaming service...(Read whole news on source site)

TFVC & Git support

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I got a question on a blog post about differences in TFVC and Git support in TFS and VS Online.  Here’s a link to the question for context: I can’t answer in a comment with reasonable formatting so I’ll answer in a post. One thing you can check out is an MSDN topic on the subject here:  There’s some useful information there but I feel like that page is trying to do too many things at once – explain some of the feature differences between a distributed version control system and a
centralized one, etc.  But it you really are looking holistically at how to choose, there are a lot of factors to consider.  The page is also a little out of date with respect to feature availability.  We’re working on an update to the page to improve it. But I decided to quickly jot an answer here that I think is in the spirit of the question.  The question, as I read it, is about comparative feature support.  My first reaction to the question is that creating a list of differences is both very short and very misleading – because...(Read whole news on source site)