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The Morning Brew #1862

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Information Mastering The Arcane Art Of JavaScript-mancy for C# Developers – Chapter 4: More Useful Function Patterns – Multiple Arguments – Jaime González García continues his series of posts looking at the JavaScript Language with a look at some further function patterns, looking at passing multiple arguments Why RavenDB isn’t written in F#, or the […]

Techorama: what an awesome conference!

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Last week, Don Wibier and I manned the DevExpress booth at Techorama, what I’d characterize as the premier developer conference for Belgium. It was in a delightful little town as well: Mechelen, just north of Brussels. Even better, Techorama was in a local multiplex cinema, Utopolis – it was weird seeing posters for movies on the walls for a conference. The organization of the conference was superb: 800 attendees, 50-odd speakers, a dozen exhibitors, WiFi that worked and wasn’t underpowered, and no problems worth mentioning. It was lucky, shall we say, that Don is a native
Dutch speaker: the majority of attendees, I’d guess, were Flemish or Dutch and I only had the odd occasion to practice what little French I have left. It helped of course that we had swag to help the conversations along; such as t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, laptop stickers. We even raffled off a couple of portable bluetooth speakers. And what conversations we had! Don managed to get in some demos – yes, actual demos of the product! The most popular topics were undoubtedly ASP.NET and DevExtreme, although many of the customers we met (and we met...(Read whole news on source site)

Consumed: Handling commands (F#)

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As I wrote earlier, I've been working on porting a node.js web application to an F# console application. It's an application I wrote to learn node.js but still use today to keep track of all the things I consume.

The application is able to consume an item, to remove a consumed item and to query all consumed items.

In the previous post, I parsed command line arguments into typed commands and queries. Today, I'll look at handling the
two commands.

I've refactored the command discriminated union to contain records with data that go along with the command - I found that this makes for more discoverable and refactor-friendly deconstruction later on.


Before we do anything with the command, we need to make sure it passes basic validation. The validate function takes a command, and returns a success or failure result. Validation can fail because an argument is empty, its structure is invalid or it's out of range. Inside the function we match the command discriminated union with each case, validate the data and return a...(Read whole news on source site)

Webinar – Disaster Recovery vs. Backup: There’s a Difference

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Virtualization Review is hosting a webinar on the topic “Disaster Recovery vs. Backup: There’s a Difference.” on  Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 11:00 AM PT . Is Backup recovery the same as disaster recovery ? . Join this webinar to learn more about the key differences . You will learn about some of the below concepts during the webinar. What is backup and disaster recovery Popular trends in DR What DR planning is, and why it’s important What to look for in a DR solution Know more Webinar – Disaster Recovery vs. Backup: There’s a Difference at

Bootstrapping Cross Platform MSBuild with XBuild and NuGet

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Bootstrapping Cross Platform MSBuild with XBuild and NuGet I have to admit I’m a fan of MSBuild. Not necessarily a fan of the file format, but of the feature set. At work, I’ve encountered now and then inconsistencies and missing features in XBuild that I just had to work around (the most annoying one being the lack of inline code tasks!). Well, no more! One of the core uses of MSBuild for me is the CI (and full product) build script. It allows me to have a single build script that can be run localy as well as on a build server and produce identical results.
This is invaluable. It can do so much more than just build! I can make it calculate product version information from git commit information, download and install dependencies, push tags and upload releases and what-not. Since the xplat branch of MSBuild (or any other, for that matter ;)) hasn’t been released officially, I just built it on Windows and Mac and bundled both versions as the MSBuild NuGet, since it’s working pretty awesomely already for me. Now bootstrapping it on the Mac/*nix is really simple: Install MSBuild NuGet Invoke MSBuild with Mono, passing the actual MSBuild project (i.e. build.proj) Since this is only needed on the Mac, we don’t need...(Read whole news on source site)

Webinar – Understanding SSL/TLS Best Practices and Application Protection

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Redmond Magazine is hosting a webinar on the topic “Understanding SSL/TLS Best Practices and Application Protection” on June 18 , 2015 at 9.00 am (PT). SSL/TLS is a cornerstone for organizations doing business online, ensuring data confidentiality and trusted identification of websites. The good news is that there are quick and easy was to mitigate against these new threats that have recently been identified. There are many aspects to implementing SSL/TLS according to best practices, one of which is related to Application Protection or Website Security. This webinar will let the attendees to Learn about potential vulnerabilities in the area
of application protection, such as malware, cross site scripting, and SQL Injection Learn about some of the practical attacks that can be used to penetrate web based applications Find out more about the latest techniques used to mitigate attacks on web based applications Know more about the Webinar – Understanding SSL/TLS Best Practices and Application Protection at